Cromwell Cast Iron Radiator

Cromwell cast iron radiator in foundry grey

Foundry Grey


Available in 3 heights - this traditional Victorian radiator was first produced in America in the 1880's.

Today, this simple design gives a contemporary feel, especially when fully polished.

All our cast iron radiators can be hand gilded. Click below to view just a few of the bespoke options available.

See Bespoke Finishes

360° View

Radiator section colours and finishes

Can be painted in any colour of your choice or why not choose from one of the many designer colours available.

With our onsite paint and spray shop facilities, we can finish any radiator from a choice of over 10,000 colours and offer an expert colour matching service to attain even greater levels of customisation.

Please note that colours can vary from printed brochures and those shown on websites, we recommend a free colour swatch prior to purchase which can be arranged via your stockist.

Dimensions / Further Details

Cromwell cast iron radiator measurements

* per section

Code Column
ΔT 50°* ΔT 60°* Weight (KG)*
BTUs Watts BTUs Watts Empty Filled
JJC047/048 2 485 120 335 110 140 68 175 51 220 64 4.8 5.8
JJC045/046 2 635 120 480 110 140 68 234 69 294 86 6.1 7.4
JJC049/050 2 780 120 630 110 140 68 295 87 372 109 7.4 9

The above measurements are given for guidance only and should not be used for the fixing of pipework.

Due to our radiators being bespoke and hand assembled, variations in seal compression and the machined faces can occur. We are able to supply measurements prior to dispatch once we have completed the assembly process should you require them.

Carron accepts no responsibility for customers/clients who choose to install pipe work prior to having their cast iron radiators delivered to site.

Code Compatible Wall Stays
HAN103 HAN104 HAN205 HAN206 HEF035 LD055 LD056
JJC047/048 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
JJC045/046 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
JJC049/050 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Radiator Heating Elements

All our radiator heating elements are compatible with all our cast iron radiators.

Please refer to the table below for the minimum number of sections required for each radiator in this range. Denotes the minimum number of sections required to achieve maximum heat output for the heating element.

Heat Output 1200 Watts 1500 Watts 2000 Watts
Minimum no. of sections Minimum no. of sections Minimum no. of sections
JJC047/048 8 (19) 9 (24) 10 (32)
JJC045/046 8 (14) 9 (18) 10 (24)
JJC049/050 8 (11) 9 (14) 10 (19)