Toulouse Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

Toulouse combination fireplace with blue tiles in full polish

Full Polish


The Toulouse cast iron fireplace boasts a magnificent design in the Art Nouveau style, decorated with four tulips and accompanying leaves.

The fireplace’s unique vine artwork framing is complimented by the colour of the partly visible tiles that complete the background.

Its simplistic design features a straight-lined framing, offering a classic appearance that would be suitable to any home.

Available Finishes

Product Code Finish
RX141 Full Polish
RX254 Black
Assembly Instructions

Dimensions / Further Details

Toulouse combination fireplace measurements
Ashpan: HEF037
Gas Fire to Suit: NUF067
Flue Type: Class 1 or 2
Gas Fire Heat Input: 6kW
Solid Fuel Brick: RX212
Style: Art Nouveau
Circa: 1900