Carron Dante 5KW Cast Iron Stoves

cast iron dante stove in pebble enamel on sandstone hearth

Pebble Enamel

cast iron dante stove in pebble enamel on sandstone hearth matt black dante cast iron stove black enamel dante cast iron stove cast iron stove in red enamel cast iron stove in green enamel blue enamel cast iron dante stove dante cast iron stove in cream enamel wood burning stove in pebble enamel sage green dante cast iron stove ash grey cast iron dante stove chine blue 5kw cast iron wood burning stove


The Carron Dante 5KW cast iron stove is available in an array of colours.

Should you require spare parts for this stove they can be purchased here.

  • Approved for use in smoke exempt zones when burning wood.
  • 76.9% efficient when burning wood.
  • Secondary air inlet for cleaner glass and improved combustion.
  • Multi fuel grate.
  • No additional room ventilation needed.
  • External riddle grate mechanism with removable handle.
  • 3 piece fire clay brick lined inner.
  • Large frame picture window.
Stove specification drawing

Fitting/Installation Instructions

360° Views

Product Code Colour
BHC201 Matt Black View 360°
BHC202 Black Enamel View 360°
BHC203 Red Enamel View 360°
BHC204 Green Enamel View 360°
BHC205 Blue Enamel View 360°
BHC206 Cream Enamel View 360°
BHC216 Pebble Enamel View 360°
BHC243 Sage Green Enamel View 360°
BHC244 Ash Grey Enamel View 360°
BHC246 China Blue Enamel View 360°
Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/1187
Energy Labelling of Local Space Heaters
Download SE Label Download Multifuel Label
Supplier's Name or Trademark: JIG uk Ltd
Supplier's Model Identifier: Carron Dante Multifuel Stove & Carron Dante SE Wood Stove
Energy Efficiency Class of Model: A
Nominal Heat Output to Room (kW): 5.0
Nominal Heat Output to Water (kW): n/a
Net Efficiency (%): 76.9
Energy Efficiency Index (%): 103