Verona Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

verona cast iron combination fireplace in black


verona cast iron combination fireplace in black combination fireplace in full polish verona combination in black close up


The Verona is an Art Nouveau cast iron fireplace, complete with coloured floral artwork.

An accompanying straight-stemmed floral design climbs the length of the cast framing.

Should you require spare parts for this combination they can be purchased here.

Available Finishes

Product Code Finish
RX138 Full Polish
RX246 Black
Assembly Instructions

Dimensions / Further Details

Cast iron fireplace measurements
Ashpan: HEF037
Gas Fire to Suit: NUF071
Flue Type: Class 1 or 2
Gas Fire Heat Input: 6KW
Solid Fuel Brick: RX212
Style: Art Nouveau
Circa: 1900