Churchill Cast Iron Radiator

churchill installed in hallway
churchill installed in hallway churchill cast iron radiator painted in foundry grey cast iron radiator section in hammered gold churchill radiator heights small churchill cast iron radiator painted in parchment white hand burnished radiator section close up hand burnished churchill in period house radiator in vintage copper finish churchill cast iron radiator in vintage copper finish - detail


Available in 2 heights - this radiator dates from the 1880s and the style was originally used in Government Buildings.

Featuring a superb BTU output per section, this radiator is ideally suited for heating larger rooms.

360° View

Churchill Cast Iron Radiator
Radiator section colours and finishes

Can be painted in any colour of your choice or why not choose from one of the many designer colours available.

Dimensions / Further Details

Cast iron radiator measurements

* per section

Code Column
Delta 50* Delta 60* Weight (KG)*
BTUs Watts BTUs Watts Empty Filled
LD080/081 1 670 195 500 115 76 n/a 431 126 532 156 14.9 17.3
LD082/083 1 975 195 790 140 80 n/a 591 173 755 221 24.6 18.5

The above measurements are given for guidance only and should not be used for the fixing of pipework.

Due to our radiators being bespoke and hand assembled, variations in seal compression and the machined faces can occur. We are able to supply measurements prior to dispatch once we have completed the assembly process should you require them.

Carron accepts no responsibility for customers/clients who choose to install pipe work prior to having their cast iron radiators delivered to site.

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